City Stars Resort North Coast

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City Stars Resort North Coast

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City Stars Resort North Coast

Take the opportunity and book a luxury unit inside City Stars Resort North Coast, the finest tourist resort on North Coast
City Stars Resort is not just a tourist resort, but rather it is a piece of paradise, as it has all the means of luxury and comfort that make living in it a dream for all customers, the most important of which is its presence in a distinguished strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, which is characterized by containing many wonderful summer areas and high-end tourist resorts, it also includes within it many prominent landmarks that visitors come from everywhere to see, in addition to its mild climate most days of the year.

The architectural designs inside City Stars look very luxurious and sophistication, in conformity with international standards, as the units were executed in the form of tiered terraces, numbering nine rows, with a height of 45 meters, which makes all the interior units feature a wonderful panoramic view of the seashore with its very clear blue waters with its charming view.

The resort includes luxurious units designed in the latest style, and a variety of integrated services, consisting of independent villas, chalets, and cabins on the sea of ​​various sizes so that customers can choose what suits them.

The real estate developer has offered special prices outside the competition and flexible and multiple payment systems for all units of various sizes to suit all target groups of customers.

The geographical location of City Stars Resort and the most important features that are unique to it
The location of any tourist resort is very important to many customers so that they can spend the most enjoyable times in a quiet and suitable atmosphere far from noise and pollution, so the real estate developer has chosen the location of City Stars Project very carefully and is located specifically on the North Coast, which includes many prominent landmarks and tourist villages High-end and wonderful summer areas, it is also surrounded by many service areas, which makes living inside it a dream for many customers.

City Stars North Coast is located specifically in Ras El Hekma area, which is characterized by its proximity to many important areas, roads, and main axes, the most important of which are:

City Stars Resort is located in kilo 199 Alex-Matrouh Road.
There are high-end tourist villages nearby, including La Vista Resort and Mountain View.
City Stars North Coast overlooks Ras El Hekma Bay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the North Coast.
City Stars is located 20 km from the entrance to Fouka, and a distance of 70 km separates it from Marassi North Coast.